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Clare Schumacher, Founder

Clare Schumacher, AINS 

Clare Schumacher has worked in the insurance and risk management industry for just under 10 years. She began her career at a large agency serving in technical, service, and project management roles. Her analytical expertise in workers’ compensation and alternative risk financing forged the way for growth into more advanced roles that strengthened her technical knowledge and resulted in earning her professional designation from The Insurance Institute of America.


As an advocate for her clients, she focuses her work and skill on identifying and reducing risks for businesses throughout Wisconsin, all while keeping the best interest of the client first. Her service is based on the belief that collaboration, support, and knowledge yield the best results. Every business operation is different and as such warrant customized programs. While many areas of insurance are mathematical, those numbers can tell a story and produce a significant amount of information to help businesses make informed and confident decisions.


In 2019 Clare had the opportunity to partner with her father, Andy Schumacher, and form Guardian Risk Solutions. As an independent insurance agency owner, she has found that one of the best ways to give back to her community is by helping to protect those who serve it. 

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